4 April Fool’s 2020 Crypto Pranks You Must See

Satoshi Nakamoto, also known as Craig Wright, will appear in an “ask me anything” session! At the same time, there’s a new token in front of Bitcoin on CoinMarketCap. And all of this comes today, April 1st!

Let’s take a look at some of the best April 1st (International Fool’s Day) jokes in the cryptocurrency community. As always, it has been rather vocal and original.

Necessities Surpass Bitcoin

After years of domination on all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin finally met its match. Even more, it’s no longer situated at the top spot. The community woke up today to notice that Toilet Paper Token has taken over CoinMarketCap’s ranking.

TPT Joke April 1st. Source: coinmarketcap.com
TPT Joke April 1st. Source: coinmarketcap.com

The joke actually comes in an appropriate time. The COVID-19 outbreak pushed some people to extreme measures. Aside from buying food that can last for decades, they also went all out on acquiring toilet paper. Giant supermarket chains ran out of paper to sell, while the customers were fighting on who will get the most.

As a psychologist Mary Alvord from George Washington University School of Medicine explained:

“There is comfort in knowing that it’s there. We all eat, and we all sleep, and we all poop. It’s a basic need to take care of ourselves.”

One cannot argue with that logic!

Such extremely high levels of buying affected the Toilet Paper Token, as well. According to CMC, TPT’s volume is at an all-time high. Its price is skyrocketing, but, unfortunately, it’s all out of stock. Oh, and it’s chart looks suspicious!

Satoshi Nakamoto Will Do An AMA!

After over ten years of waiting, the cryptocurrency community will finally get the chance to receive questions on some hard questions. Who are you, Satoshi? Why did you create Bitcoin? How many BTC do you still have? And, most importantly, when it will get to $1 million?

All of this and more will come in a live Ask Me Anything session with Bitcoin’s founder!

Yes, it’s another April 1st joke.

Besides, the “who are you, Satoshi” question already received its answer today. After all, the community has always known that…

Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Yes, it’s official! The beloved Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto! Or is he?

One of the most prolonged verbal battles in the community is that regarding the anonymous pseudonym behind Bitcoin’s creation. Until this day, it’s still unknown who it is (or organization, entity, business, or even government) behind the name – Satoshi Nakamoto.

Throughout Bitcoin’s years of existence, many claimed that they either know who is the real Nakamoto, or that they are indeed Nakamoto. Yet, no one has been more active in saying so than Craig Wright. However, the community doesn’t seem to believe him. Disputes continue, and today’s joke didn’t manage to prove anything.

Well, At Least A New Book On Ethereum Is Coming

One of the well-known Bitcoin maximalist, The Bitcoin Rabi, announced a breaking new book. After writing for his favorite cryptocurrency, he decided to create another one on the second-largest digital asset by market cap – Ethereum.

Interestingly, he hadn’t shown any favoritism regarding ETH up until now, so how come the rapid change of heart? Well, it’s April 1st.

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