5 Reasons Why the Stratus Ecosystem Will Take Over the Social Media Platforms

As of July 2020, the social media penetration rate hit 51% of the global population and is fast-rising. That is owing to the communication, entertainment, and other services offered by social media platforms. However, due to social media platforms’ poor services, the adoption rate is still lagging.

Stephen Mccullah announced the release of an all in one social networking platform, Stratus. Stratus combines the services of all currently existing platforms to give better services. Among the services set to be replaced by Stratus are Facebook, Twitter, telegram, TikTok, Paypal, Youtube, eBay, Amazon, e.t.c. 

Stratus comes with a wide range of benefits not present in the social media space. Here are reasons why Stratus will revolutionize the internet. 

Freedom of Speech 

Freedom of speech is currently lacking in social media. Persons cannot express what they feel because of the stringent measures set up by social media platforms. These measures aim to protect users be it government agents, students, and companies. However, the media sometimes overpass the boundaries and start censoring solicited content. 

Stratus, however, will change everything on social media. Although the platform will censor some content, it won’t interfere with individuals’ freedom of speech. It will only edit contents dubbed as unsolicited, giving a free airing to warranted content. 

Content creators will benefit the most by using this ecosystem. They will enjoy the benefits of all their content without fearing losing their content rights due to censorship.

Unlimited Privacy and Security

Attaining privacy in social media is next to impossible because of social media platforms’ data selling policies. For instance, Twitter has, in the past, faced accusations of engaging in data selling practices.   

Moreover, criminals often use hacking, phishing, and malware attacks to compromise individuals’ security. For instance, in July 2020, criminals hacked several twitter prominent accounts, and in the process, the criminals gained close to $120 million.

The currency social media platforms have entirely failed to protect individuals’ privacy. Stratus, however, gives users a completely secure internet space. 

It does not engage in data selling practices; therefore, any internet users are sure of their details’ safety. Moreover, Stratus doesn’t interfere with individuals’ communications; instead, they offer end to end encryptions of communications, zero backdoors, ultimate internet privacy. 

Unlike any other blockchain in the globe today, Apollo blockchain is quantum resistant. The blockchain, therefore, will not be attacked during the quantum computing move. That makes Stratus the first and only blockchain social media ecosystem to enjoy full quantum proofs.

Fast Communication and Transactions

The platform offers more rapid communications when compared to any other platform. Its base is the Apollo blockchain, well known for completing transactions in less than 2 seconds. Apollo blockchain brings diversity and changes to the social media ecosystem.

Adaptive forging and database level sharding are techniques aiding Apollo blockchain in ensuring fast transactions and communications. Both the algorithms aim to increase the resources and processing capabilities of the blockchain. Stratus will enjoy most Apollo blockchain features, meaning the platform will offer faster, more reliable communications. 

The Financial Advantage

Social media platforms mostly give a communication advantage. However, most venues don’t offer payment opportunities.

Stratus, however, redefines the use of social media by giving payment options akin to PayPal. It aims to allow users to pay for services in their currency 24/7.   

Moreover, the platform offers the Knox world pay option to allow users to send BTC via SMS. Even better, the transactions have a guaranteed completion time of 2 seconds. Knox will therefore be a driver to the faster crypto adoption. Stratus implants an additional universal exchange platform that allows users to exchange the cryptocurrency of their choice. The platform will accelerate the process of banking over 1.7 billion unbanked people globally.

Maximized Income For Content Creators

Although Youtube and TikTok are the most commonly used by video content creators, they don’t usually give reasonable payments. A Forbes estimate on Youtubes payment rates suggests that content creators get only $5 for 1 thousand views. 

Stratus offers an entirely new income space for the content creators. Content creators will get the ability to set their content as VIP content. 

VIP contents are contents that allow users to put a minimum charge for their content. The influencer can charge $1 per viewer and make $1 million for 1 million views.

Moreover, to ease the donor’s hassle, Stratus introduces a one-click donation functionality. The functionality keeps payment details, facilitating the donation and payment process.

All in One Advantage

Stratus merges services of all social media platforms. All Stratus users will enjoy all social media platforms’ benefits on the same dashboard, thus easy access. Moreover, the platform is easy to use and offers both day and night mode functionalities. That grants users convenience at any time.

Final Note

Stratus, the social media ecosystem awaiting unveiling in the 3rd quarter of 2020, will bring a wide range of benefits to users. The platform is the first to introduce freedom of speech on the internet. Moreover, it won’t engage in any data selling malpractices. 

It’s a relief for content creators since they will enjoy maximized incomes, close to 10 times the current Youtube rates. Stratus is unique since it introduces payment platforms that ease social media trade, unlike all other social networks. The all-inclusive ecosystem brings convenience, simplicity, security, privacy, and speed to the internet. It is by far the most comprehensive and beneficial social media ecosystem in the globe.