6 Coins That Will Make You Money in 2020

This year has been a profitable one for crypto investors in the know. There are many platforms out today that have the potential to reshape entire industries. It’s these platforms that provide the blockchain investment community with the opportunity to increase ROIs to new levels. 

Determining what coins will make you money in 2020 and what coins are flops isn’t always easy, but there are some niche markets that need to be filled across the sector. These firms attempt to fill these markets in a way that guarantees success. Here are 6 coins that will make you money in 2020.


Apollo takes the award as the best crypto investment in 2020 for a couple of vital reasons. For one, no other tokens in the market offer the same flexibility and use cases. Already, there are multiple commercial and governmental Apollo pilot programs underway.

Additionally, Apollo provides users with more options on how they want to interact with the decentralized economy. For example, the blockchain offers both public send and private send features. This is a feature that Bitcoiners have dreamed about ever since it first entered the market nine years ago.

Dapp Heaven

The future of blockchain adoption is in the hands of Dapp developers. It’s these minds that figure out how to take these platforms and introduce them to the public in a way that adds value to the entire market. Luckily, Apollo provides Dapp developers with a variety of top-quality features not to be found anywhere else.

For example, Apollo utilizes a unique sharding protocol that allows Dapp developers access to limitless room for growth. This strategy allows Apollo to handle the more complex and sensitive Dapps that are too much for the Ethereum blockchain to host. Also, Apollo is the only Quantum resistant crypto out today. You can locate Apollo on the BitMart exchange. The exchange offers BTC and ETH trading pairs and low trading fees.


GSX is the next must-have for any investor seeking to see their 2020 portfolio moon. This is the world’s only quantum-resistant stable coin. As a stable coin, GSX doesn’t experience the same level of volatility as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this way, many people see it as a safer investment.

Additionally, GSX provides its users with a yearly dividend payment. This payment is determined by the total value of the mining operation including all equipment, land, and physical gold in the vault. To ensure that there are no discrepancies, these gold reserves undergo frequent third-party audits. 


Now is the perfect time to get GSX because the coin is available exclusively in pre-sale. During this short time, you can receive up to 50% off of your investment. Best of all, your yearly dividends increase as the value of the gold and the land where the mines are located appreciates over time. Currently, GSX is available at GSXCDE.com.


ATOM functions on the COSMOS network. Here it plays a crucial role as the platform’s utility token. COSMOS is a blockchain bridge network that helps to connect all the different platforms together. Users can utilize ATOM to accomplish some remarkable tasks such as cross-chain transactions.

COSMOS has a unique niche in the market. Every day more blockchains enter the sector. There needs to be somewhere to go to find all of these networks categorized and to access the best features from each blockchain. That’s the concept behind ATOM. It functions as an internet of blockchains.

Cross-chain interoperability is one of the hottest topics for 2020. Developers want to unlock the full potential of the sector through this technology and COSMOS is the pioneer in this sector. This positioning is exactly why COSMOS is a smart investment for 2020


Litecoin is never far from the top of any cryptocurrency list. While this token isn’t known for its flashy breakouts. It is respected as a safe alternative in the market. This perception has helped Litecoin to make it into nearly every institutional investment portfolio.

Litecoin is faster than it’s ever been and the network continues to expand. Today you can spend your Litecoin at retailers across the globe. Additionally, many ICOs accept LTC payments as well. There will always be room for Litecoin in the crypto market.


Dai is a stable coin that functions as a utility within the MakerDAO ecosystem. This platform offers decentralized borrowing and lending via an easy-to-navigate interface. Users receive better rates than traditional loans and they receive their funds quicker. These funds arrive in the form of Dai tokens.

You can also pay any fees using the token. Dai allows lenders and borrowers to access funds in a more efficient and confidential manner. Best of all, there is never any volatility concerns with this token. DAI truly takes DeFi to the next level with its one-of-a-kind protocol.

Binance Coin – BNB

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The platform hosts billions of dollars in trades daily. It’s no surprise to learn that their native token is the top exchange token in the world. In fact, BNB has inspired a host of copycat tokens from the competition since its entrance into the market.

BNB continues to receive new trading pairs and other benefits that make it a smart investment. You can expect to see this coin’s value increase as Binance has multiple new platforms slated for release in the coming year. Each new Binance platform release adds more usability and value to this token.

6 Coins That Will Make You Money in 2020

Opportunities abound in 2020, you just need to know where to look for it. Each of these platforms demonstrates new capabilities that expand the blockchain sector’s reach to new horizons. You can expect to hear more about each of these projects as their strategies begin to unfold in the market and their token’s gain in value.