Bex500 Exchange Launched Up to 35% Commission Affiliate Program for Users

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Cryptocurrency trading offers investors, who are willing to take on the risk, an opportunity to make a fortune. They can trade crypto futures contracts with 100x leverage, which will amplify the potential profits, as well as a loss when betting on the wrong market direction. For conservative traders who want to earn BTC without trading skills, Bex500 provides a lucrative affiliate program for users to convert their influence into BTC without trading.

Bex500 is a popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that lets you invest in Cryptocurrency Perpetual Contracts, Forex, Commodity and Double Contracts (200x leverage perpetual contracts). Established in 2018, it is quickly becoming popular among the margin trading exchanges in the world. These are the important reasons why it grows so fast and becomes a strong competitor in the field:



  • Secure Asset & Trading Systems – Bex500 is building upon high-level DDos protection and 2FA authorization to protect users’ accounts. Users’ assets deposits are also stored in multi-signature encrypted cold storage. In addition, Amazon’s cutting-edge ElastiCash infrastructure ensures high TPS.
  • Multiple Funding Methods – Traders can deposit/withdraw USD and BTC in/from their accounts and all contracts can be settled in both USD and BTC. No minimum deposit required.
  • Fair Trade with NO Manipulation – The price index of cryptocurrencies in Bex500 is a weighted average from Bitfinex, Binance, Poloniex, and Huobi. No insiders and overload problems. Users can take full control of their positions even during the huge market volatility.
  • Generous Bonuses – Bex500 provides newly registered users with $15 worth BTC or USD as a welcome bonus. For the first deposit, it also offers a 20% extra bonus (1 BTC deposited, 1.2 BTC will be credited in). All bonuses can be used in futures trading and are withdrawable.

If you are a veteran in crypto futures trading, you can now visit Bex500 exchange and start trading fairly and safely. If not, you can also check how to make money by joining Bex500’s latest affiliate program.

Earn Bitcoin with Bex500’s High Paying Affiliate Program

Similar to some other affiliate programs in the crypto world, you can easily earn BTC by inviting customers to join the platform and invest. However, there some selling points of Bex500’s affiliate program making it surpass those provided by other exchanges:


  1. 35% referral commission is higher than the industry standards.
  1. All users registered an account can apply to be our business partner. No strict qualification requirements.
  1. 1-on-1 professional BD manager can teach and assist you on how to promote Bex500 effectively and get paid.
  1. Transparency. Users can directly check how many referrals they’ve invited and how much commission they’ve got in the “My affiliate network” page. The commission will be settled at 3 a.m. every Friday (GMT) and can be withdrawn anytime.

Now register an account in Bex500 and start to earn BTC by promoting Bex500 effectively with the help of 1v1 BD. The more traders you invited in, the more benefits you will get.

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