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We saw an attempt to break down the resistance at around the 200 MA. Support in this range holds at about $8,000. If it fails, we can expect testing lower levels and this will spell bad news for the market. The chart seems to be technically primed for a turning point.



Against the USD, we saw attempts to return to the $200 levels. In the meantime, resistance is currently at $190 while support is at $160. The market could be testing it.


Against BTC, the cryptocurrency continues to cautiously push above the resistance at 0.022BTC and we might have to account for a correction in the trend. Resistance is currently at 0.023BTC.



Against the USD, the price continues to push against the 200 MA. There is a serious resistance at 32 cents but in order to get there, the price has to push above 30 cents. Support can be estimated at 28 cents if we see some impact from Bitcoin’s price.


Against BTC, the price climbs up and tests the resistance in this range at 3500 SAT. The support is at 3200 SAT. We saw approval for the trend and the chart looks rather positive following the massive correction.


Fetch. AI (FET)

Against the USD, FET reached a low of 3 cents where we can see the bottom far away from its high of 50 cents which is now in history. Support in this range is at around 4 cents while resistance is at 5 cents. We have a long way to go to break above this declining trend.


Against Bitcoin, the surge in volume can be seen, as well as its impact on the price following the staking of the coin that Binance will add next week. This is an assumption but we found no other reason. The resistance in this range is at 600 SAT while the support is at 500 SAT. The trend is volatile.



Against the USD, the price is supported at a critical point around $50. If this support breaks down, chances are that we will see lower lows. Resistance in this range is at $60. Technically, a return to $77 will bring back the confidence as the market is losing height as the volume is also declining. This takes place around the 8th birthday of Litecoin.


Against BTC, the weekly chart looks interesting. The price returned to the point from which we saw an attempt to break up from the range at around 0.006BTC. The support is also there. If it breaks, we’d have to wait for the market to provide us an idea of where the next support is. In the range of 0.007BTC, the RSI being down may present an opportunity that is interesting to monitor.


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