Bitcoin-Powered RSK Acquires Social Network Taringa

The blockchain-based project of IOV Labs, RSK, has announced the acquisition of Taringa. Both companies will be integrating RSK and RIF tokens into their day-to-day operations. The RSK technology on which the tokens will be based will purportedly allow peer-to-peer exchanges, decentralized applications, and content sharing.

Blockchain Implementation in Social Media

Taringa reportedly has over 70 million monthly visitors and more than 17 million registered users. By entering this deal, IOV Labs is looking to introduce its blockchain-based products to Taringa’s vast userbase and further stimulate mass adoption.

By using the RSK network, which relies on Bitcoin’s hash power, the company hopes to ensure the safety and security of its users. RSK expects to receive lots of feedback and information from Taringa’s large userbase in order to distribute new decentralized apps and infrastructure.

The idea behind the partnership is to implement RSK and RIF tokens on Taringa’s network and provide social media users with several new options.

According to the announcement, the tokens will enable users to participate on the social network by sharing content. In a press release, the CEO of Taringa, Matías Botbol, was quoted as saying:

“We are very excited about joining forces with the creators of RIF and RSK, as we truly believe that our users and communities should benefit from the contributions they make to our social network. We are already building our first tool to allow Taringa users to get rewarded by being active participants in their communities. Once this is in place, we envision adding more features, including peer-to-peer token exchanges, a marketplace for other dApps to start offering products and services to our users, and more. Our ultimate goal is to create a new open, decentralized Internet that respects an individual’s freedom of speech and privacy.”

Further Mass Adoption for Blockchain?

Possible signs of mass adoption have been coming from several sources as of late. They include a comprehensive educational Bitcoin infographic from Bank of China and’s decision to replace its CAD tracker with Bitcoin. The announcement from IOV Labs and Taringa is another such development. In the same press release, the CEO of IOV Labs, Diego Zaldivar, expressed his opinion on the deal and future blockchain adoption:

“Blockchain is a powerful technology, but it needs mass adoption to create meaningful value. This acquisition puts us at the forefront of adoption in distributed ledger technologies. Having access to such a large community will also be invaluable for gathering quick feedback from users of all the RIF-powered tools and protocols we are launching in the near future. We see Taringa as the first step towards massive adoption of both RSK and RIF platforms, and a great step forward for our long term vision of empowering individuals through decentralization.”

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