Business Owners Can Now Monetize Their Zoom Calls With Cryptocurrency

The large American communications technology company, Zoom Video Communications, has integrated a blockchain-based app for the first time. Developed by 2key.Network, SmartSessions is built on top of the Ethereum network and will allow business owners to monetize video calls with cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Enters Zoom

The popular communications company announced the integration of SmartSessions earlier today. The latter utilizes SmartLink technology and will enable business owners to combine their Zoom services registration and payment management. They will have the option to activate built-in self-managed referral campaigns.

To achieve this, users can add a paywall to their self-managed Zoom video calls. This would ultimately simplify and facilitate the process of generating revenue from viewers accessing their live-streamed video calls. No coding skills are required to set it up, the announcement explained.

Zoom video meeting. Image by: Zoom


Yoga teachers, personal trainers, psychiatrists, and tutors are only a part of the business owners employing Zoom as of late. Until now, however, efficient monetization was a complicated process, as all attendees had to be billed individually via payments completed using PayPal or bank transfers.

SmartSessions, on the other hand, will allow content creators to produce a unique access link for their customers that completes online payments automatically. Business owners utilizing Zoom calls can specify the cost-per-person, session date(s), and the number of attendees.

Clients will make payments in various cryptocurrencies. To simplify the buying process, 2key will allow digital asset purchases via credit cards directly from the platform.

Using cryptocurrencies means for business owners that they can avoid banking fees and even restrictions. Payments are completed rapidly and securely recorded on the blockchain. Since SmartSession links are fully decentralized, a professional session cannot be disrupted by unwanted parties trying to join the call. This, in other words, will fend off the so-called Zoom-bombing.

Necessity In Times Of Uncertainty

The unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic rattled numerous business operations. Some had to shut down, while others are trying to adopt in these unusual circumstances.

Business owners are transitioning to work-from-home environments. For instance, the number of people employing Zoom has skyrocketed from 10 million to 200 million recently.

2key.Network created its newest product – SmartSessions – since the start of the pandemic, and it aims to ease the isolation part of the shift. SmartSessions is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain as a layer-two solution and is 2key’s answer to the COVID-19 crisis.

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