Coinbase Holds Almost 1 Million Bitcoins

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., Coinbase, reportedly holds the biggest amount of bitcoins. It has 966k BTC, which is a substantial lead over the other exchanges, as per a recent report. BitMEX and Bitstamp are completing the top three, with 265K and 229K respectively.

Coinbase Stores The Most Bitcoins

The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, stands alone in an intriguing statistics regarding Bitcoin storage. Established in 2012, the exchange has accumulated over 966k BTC over the years. With Bitcoin’s price around $7,250 at the moment, this amount represents a total value of $7 Billion.

BitMEX is purportedly the closest, storing over 265k of bitcoins, which is a bit less than $2 Billion. Bitstamp has the third spot, but in addition to 229.49k bitcoins, it also holds 26.92k ETH and 861.83 USDT. This means that the total amount in USD stored on Bitstamp is around $1.66 Billion at the moment of this writing.

Further down in the list follow Bitfinex ($1.48 B), Kraken ($1.33 B), Bittrex ($1.07B), Coincheck ($256 M), Poloniex ($166 M).

The last appears to be on the downtrend in another aspect as well. As Cryptopotato recently reported, users are no longer storing large portions of Ethereum on exchanges, and Poloniex seems to have the most significant decrease.

Trading Volumes

As far as the trading volume goes on cryptocurrency exchanges, the numbers provided from the same application are somewhat different. Bitcoin Margin Trading Exchange, BitMEX, now occupies the first spot with a total daily trading volume exceeding $2 Billion.

TradingVolExchanges. Source: Bituniverse
Trading Volumes. Source: Bituniverse

Exchanges that allow trading of Futures contracts are reportedly the most widely used. Binance has around $842 million of trading volume, which places it in the second position, and Huobi Global is third with $644 million. The highest-ranked exchange that does not provide Futures trading is BitMart at $607M, followed by OKEx with $601M.

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