Communities Cannot Be Purchased, Justin Sun Is Collecting Water With A Sieve

The situation between TRON and Steem continues to raise controversy in the cryptocurrency community. The famous crypto proponent John McAfee recently shared his opinion on the matter, saying that Justin Sun is trying “to collect water with a sieve.”

McAfee: Communities Cannot Be Purchased

The former anti-virus software tycoon, John McAfee, has been a regular commentator on the cryptocurrency space. Previously, he went from a Bitcoin proponent who made a bold prediction that its price will reach $1 million to a non-believer, saying that the largest cryptocurrency is the true shitcoin.

Earlier today, McAfee commented on the recent tension between Justin Sun’s TRON and the Steemit community. Back in February, the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blockchain-based content platform announced a strategic partnership with the TRON foundation.

The controversy began shortly after when TRON and Steemit decided to reverse a soft fork of the blockchain, which attempted to reduce their ability to sway governance decisions. They requested Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex to mobilize their customers’ STEEM holdings and to vote in their favor. Huobi recently admitted its involvement and reversed the vote.

McAfee’s opinion on the matter seemed to side against Justin Sun, TRON’s founder and CEO:

“I believe Justin Sun forgot one thing about Steem: It Is a community. And … communities cannot be purchased. It’s like trying to collect water with a sieve.” – he tweeted.

Update: Justin Sun Response

McAfee Quits 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign

Aside from his former business endeavors and cryptocurrency comments, McAfee was known for his U.S. Presidential Campaign. He launched it officially last year, vowing to “disrupt this system.”

Just yesterday, though, he officially quitted his presidential aspirations but wants to run for the position of Vice President:

“I regret to announce that I’m terminating my campaign for President of the U.S., effective immediately. I’ve instead decided to run for the second most powerful office in America – Vice President.”

He believes that the VP of the country doesn’t just possess lots of power, but people are not paying as much attention to him, as they do for the President. Therefore, he wants to taste that ultimate power.

McAfee added that he wants to run as the VP for Vermin Supreme. He noted that nobody could argue with Supreme’s primary principle: “a free pony for every American.”

Just an ordinary day in Belize. Source: Wired
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