Despite BitMEX’s Bad Day, Bitcoin Withdrawals Are Processed Normally

It’s safe to say that BitMEX has had better days. Earlier today, it was reported that many of its users’ email addresses had been leaked. A few hours later, it appeared that the platform itself had been compromised, as the company’s Twitter account stated that withdrawals had been suspended. Shortly thereafter, BitMEX announced that all funds were safe; indeed, withdrawals are working just fine.

BitMEX Under Siege

The day started off with some bad news for BitMEX, the most popular Bitcoin margin trading exchange. Apparently, many of its users’ email addresses were leaked after the exchange experienced a “privacy issue.”

What might sound like an attack targeting BitMEX users was actually a simple mistake. Evidently, an email message sent by the company contained the email addresses of other users in the “to” field rather than the BCC field, allowing recipients to see all the other addresses to which the message was sent.

The exchange made it clear that no other personal or account information had been leaked and claimed to maintain “high standards” when it comes to user privacy.

Hours later, the following two tweets were posted from the exchange’s official account:

The tweets have since been deleted, and BitMEX has made a statement on the matter.

BitMEX Fends Off Worries

What might have been reason for worry was quickly dismissed as nothing but “trolls” targeting BitMEX’s Twitter account.

Moreover, it is apparent that withdrawals on the exchange are entirely functional and that no funds have been compromised.

Successful BitMEX Bitcoin Withdrawal

The aforementioned events highlight the importance of fact- and source-checking before jumping to conclusions or giving into FUD. Obviously, the exchange is working just fine, and there’s nothing wrong with withdrawals or anything else.

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