Everyone is raving about clever CLVA but can everybody be right?

There has been much said around many articles about CLVA Token. It is coming as a trending hot topic in the finance world. As Clever DeFi is based on decentralized finance, it is a project that can provide many benefits to its token holder. But is it all right? This question is the first thing that comes up in all our minds. DeFi is shining as a developing trend in the finance world. 

The facility DeFi provides

It has indeed replaced all the traditional and unfit methods of financing. The facility of depositing funds, borrowing, and lending loans and funds without an opening saving account is gaining quick traction. You do not require complex collateral finance for carrying out the process. 

It has also facilitated the whole process by cutting intermediaries’ work and establishing direct contact through the smart contract.

This smart contract is built on hard-coded programs that enable decentralized blockchain. If you carry out any operation involving a smart contract, you must abide by every obligation built. No one can alter any rules and regulations mentioned in it.

Tokenization of DeFi token

The DeFi token information being pegged as USD, DAI, Paxos, and EURS is genuine. Unlike bitcoins, which are known for volatility, DeFi uses stablecoins. Stablecoins carry the value close to a real-world asset like that of fiat currency. Where bitcoins are only used as storing value, stablecoins can be used for carrying out many operations.

Interest provided by DeFi

It gives a return on investment than any other finance option. The Clever Token has fixed a pre-programmed cycle that ensures its token holder a fixed rate of interest. The process is based on 888-fortnight cycles. Moreover, the last interest cycle ends in 34.15 years. The investors are guaranteed to receive an 11% interest rate through blockchain. Every process is automated and free of human intervention.

A final thought about DeFi

The CLVA incorporates fundamental principles of bitcoin. The structure as designed by the developer aims at reaching the phase of supply containing one trillion CLVA. So it is highly recommendable to start investing in it. By investing in it, you can earn interest up to a 34.15-year cycle.

They are mostly focussing on the demand and supply curve of the Clever DeFi tokens. 

The system is highly advanced by visiting Clever’s official website; you can find the interest projection on a fortnight basis for over ten years. But before investing, you should always check that all your criteria are met. Since if investors are satisfied, no one can stop the company from getting success.


So I hope by this article your doubt must have been cleared. The information and statistics show that the DeFi protocol is wholly secured for business and personal transactions. Even masses are opting for this finance option. Digitalization is the key to success now, and as it is the main focus in this project, so it is expected to reach new heights.