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The next social, cross trading platform and performance tool augmented by A.I. Using the power of data to provide accurate informations.
Token sale completed on 30 April
Goal: 1,500,000 USD
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Blackfolio is the smartest social trading platform to manage your crypto wealth. Imagine a platform that would give you full access to all of your crypto assets from multiple wallets. A platform that would alert you on the opportunities that might come up on a specific exchange regarding your strategic profile. All of the means to help you increase your performance and get the best results. With not only will you get to manage your assets and place order, but you will also benefit the experience of other successful traders, by following their strategies and performances and sharing informations with them. Last but not least, as tax laws on capital gains are not yet equal depending on your country, we provide a tax calculation to generate your Tax declaration form

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Token Sale: 25 March — 30 April
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