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We know not through our intellect but through our experience. The blockchain based AI platform providing personal assistance in cannabis industry 

GANA Technologies studies Big Data and AI‭. ‬
Token sale completed on 21 July
Goal: 10,000 ETH
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ico calender-ICO Showcase

GANA Technologies provides optimized AI solutions to individuals and research institutes by establishing an ecosystem which collects and shares data from the cannabis industry. GANA Technologies would make users be the indirect developers of AI as they provide the necessary data for responsible AI training. GANA Technologies would also provide the directions for maintaining the good intentions of AI, and retain objectivity by manging AI transparently and exhaustively according to development on the procedures and training results.

The GANA ecosystem initially focuses on collecting data from retailers / communities / research institutes and personal data, but, will be opened for all new participants who are willing to be part of the system.

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$nan 1.0000000 ETH inf BTC
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Token Sale: 21 May — 21 July
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