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Data Services, E-commerce
Mobi is coming with basic services application for the day the day with rewards program. And still an Exchange for exchange with other currencies.
Token sale completed on 05 May
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper
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Mobi is a blockchain platform for consumption of services with the power to revolutionize time, payment
methods, ensure privacy and maintain security. It integrates the day-to-day main tasks with the ease of making multiservices available in the same environment, where providers will receive in real time thousands of orders with payment through the Mobi token. Users will order the main routine services such as taxi, airfare, food, rent a room, laundry service, buy tickets etc. with the speed and convenience directly from the Movi App. Mobi was inpired by the personal experience of all o us, users of online and mobile services, who are increasingly seeking to obtain practicality and speed in their negotiations. Our experience led us to create a brand new blockchan-enabled platform to do simple e-commerce activities without sacrificing your time, then you can save your Money without the need to search for offers or providers available.
Made for users, the platform offers reliable transactions done daily with a simple and intuitive interface and
biometric verification.Mobi allows secure login, identity verification and qualification of providers with manu
other applications and opportunities in the pipeline. Mobi is global and you can buy and sell our currency via F2nex, our own Exchange, and Exchange for other currencies available

Market & Returns

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MOBI token price
$nan 1.0000000 ETH inf BTC
Hype rate
Risk rate
ROI rate
Site Score
Token Sale: 15 April — 05 May
ICO Token Price
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Available for Token Sale
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