Interest In Bitcoin Highest Since September 2019, According to Google

Bitcoin sees the highest attention in the past 5 months according to data by Google Trends. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has been making strides amid retail investors once again, as its price keeps going on rollercoasters regularly since the beginning of the year.

Interest In Bitcoin Highest Since September 2019

Bitcoin’s price has been particularly turbulent in the first ten days of this year. On January 1st, BTC was trading at around $7,170 but it went through a violent drop a few days later, reaching $6,850.

Nevertheless, the cryptocurrency was quick to recover with an even more impressive green candle, which set the tone for a further increase. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at slightly below $8,100 and attempts to breach this level of resistance.

As it’s almost always the case, these Bitcoin price swings attract a lot of attention. This is backed by information provided by Google Trends.

As can be seen on the image above, the interest in Bitcoin is the highest since September 2019. It’s safe to say that this is retail interest coming from regular people who are ramping up the Google searches for “Bitcoin.”

In the last year, the interest in the cryptocurrency has been the highest in June. Not surprisingly, this is when Bitcoin’s price surged to its yearly high for 2019, reaching about $14,000. Naturally, as the price started to decline, so did the retail interest.

Interest In Bitcoin Throughout The World

It’s also worth noting that the attention towards Bitcoin is spiraling up in Nigeria. The country has seen a continuous and steady increase of the Google searches for Bitcoin, which could be explained by the relatively troublesome economic situation and the cryptocurrency emerging as a stable alternative.

Google Trends Regional
Bitcoin Interest By Countries. Source: Google Trends

On another note, the other countries where people seem genuinely interested in Bitcoin include South Africa, Austria, Ghana, and Switzerland.

The related searches are also of interest. Keywords such as “Cash App” and “Bitcoin ATM” are also growing in terms of interest, showing that people are, perhaps, becoming more open to the idea of using and buying Bitcoin.

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