John McAfee Set to Launch McAfeeDEX, a No-Restrictions Decentralized Exchange

John McAfee’s new decentralized exchange will launch today. The former antivirus software tycoon’s product is dubbed McAfeeDEX and will run on the Ethereum blockchain. In an announcement, McAfee stated that the exchange would support users from all over the world.

The beta version of McAfee’s decentralized exchange is set to be released today with limited information posted on its website. The homepage details three of its key features. According to the info provided, any and all ERC-20 tokens can be enabled for instant trading, for free.

The new McAfeeDEX. Source:


Tokens on other platforms are supposed to be added in the future as well. According to the website, McAfeeDEX will not collect any customer information, no jurisdictions will be blocked, and there will be no limits. The site also states that there will be a 0.25% fee imposed on market takers, and no maker fee.

According to McAfee:

We have to make a decision in the crypto community whether this is all about money or it’s about money and something far more important – our personal freedom. As long as an entity controls the currency that you use […] you are not free. We have in crypto the promise and the possibility of freedom of that control if we do this properly. Centralized exchanges are our week point. China shut down all the exchanges in China 2 years ago.[…] Decentralized exchanges are our escape. […] Decentralized exchanges can’t be shut down.”

McAfee also stated that users should not be “expecting miracles at first” and encouraged them to allow time for others to join. In his words, decentralized exchanges are “the door that frees us from the Government’s cornerstone of control: Fiat currencies.”

McAfee’s Blockchain Story

The founder of the popular antivirus software has been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain tech for years. A decentralized exchange is a logical step after all of his rebellious actions over the past years. He has been naming and attacking “corrupt” government officials, threatening to release tons of incriminating data if arrested.

He has also admitted to tax evasion over 8 years and will be leading his 2020 presidential campaign from his “Freedom Boat”, stating that the US has no control over Bitcoin. McAfee also launched a semi-anonymous cryptocurrency debit card earlier this year.

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