Justin Sun’s Weibo Account Got Shut Down

The popular Chinese social platform, Weibo, had reportedly closed Justin Sun’s account. Tron’s Founder and CEO is one of the most influential people within the cryptocurrency community, and the closure of his account could be regarded as a continuation in China’s negative views on cryptocurrencies.

Weibo Closes Sun’s Account

Weibo, the famous Chinese social network, has purportedly closed the account of Justin Sun. Sun is the Founder and CEO of one of the most notable cryptocurrencies – TRON.

Justin Sun’s Weibo. Source: Dovey Wan’s twitter

At the time of this writing, Justin Sun hasn’t issued a response. However, he is not the only cryptocurrency name being targetted by Weibo, as other influential people and companies have experienced similar actions.

The world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, Binance, had its official account closed during November, as well. Apparently, it became offline and stopped showing any activities because it had purportedly violated laws and regulations on the Weibo Community Convention. Furthermore, the Chinese social platform removed any previously stored content and cleared all followers from the page.

Reasons Behind Sun’s Account Closure

While the social platform has offered no official reason yet, the community has already begun speculating on why Justin Sun’s account has been closed.

Some suggest that Sun has been too vocal on the network, even mentioning the postponed charity launch between him and Warren Buffett, where Tron’s founder was supposedly going to educate the Oracle of Omaha about cryptocurrencies and their usage.

As Cryptopotato reported, new information came to light recently, saying that the real reason behind the postponement is not health issues as officials from Tron’s Foundation firstly informed. In fact, it implicated a political involvement from Chinese administration, pressuring and threatening TRON employees in order for Sun to cancel the charity lunch.

Others are also implying that the reason behind Sun’s account closure is purely political. They refer to China’s somewhat impactful narrative “Blockchain, not Bitcoin,” where the country is open to adopting the technology but are making it quite clear that trading cryptocurrencies is banned.

Justin Sun, being the Founder and CEO of one of the largest Chinese-based crypto projects, could be a logical target, if that theory turns out to be true.

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