McAfee Gives Away 10% Supply Of Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself Token (WHACKD)

Well-known entrepreneur and cryptocurrency proponent, John McAfee, recently launched an ERC-20 based token called WHACKD. The full rubric of the token is “Epsten Didn’t Kill Himself,” and it was announced back on November 11th. Now, however, McAfee has said that he will 10% of the total supply of WHACKD to the winners of a new meme contest.

Gifting WHACKD To Meme Contest Winners

The circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death caught the attention of the world. John McAfee’s observation didn’t come too late as well.

The creator of what’s arguably one of the most popular and commonly used antivirus software on the planet, openly said that there is no conclusive evidence that Epstein killed himself, as is the original version.

Moreover, McAfee decided to voice his opinion through a cryptocurrency. On November 11th, he launched a token with the rubric Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself and a ticker of WHACKD.

Just a few days later, he said that he would award the winners of the “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” meme contest, where the winners will receive 10% of the total supply of WHACKD.

The winners will be announced in 1 week. The token is currently traded on McAfee’s decentralized exchange, but the volume is negligible.

Getting WHACKD

The token behind Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself was distributed with an airdrop a few days ago. There were over 50,000 sign-ups for the token, according to McAfee himself. Obviously, the idea behind the cryptocurrency is to spread further awareness, rather than having any actual use cases at all.

“Wed over 50,000sign-ups for the WHACKD airdrop. The airdrops are going out. It will take a little time, so please be patient. We expected less than 5,000, and we were not prepared for the volume. You WILL get your tokens, so relax.” –  McAfee said.

The tokens are deflationary. 10% of transactions, as well as 1 out of 1000 transactions, will be burned. This is where the name WHACKD comes from.

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