No Evidence Showing He Committed Suicide

The popular cryptocurrency commentator, John McAfee, has spoken his mind on the matter of the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein. According to McAfee, the real evidence on his suicide is missing, and the case lacks any notable credibility, hinting that there might have been another reason.

McAfee Raises Questions Over Epstein’s Death

Jeffrey Epstein was somewhat a controversial figure. On one hand, he was a financier with lots of connections among politicians and celebrities, and on another – he was a convicted sex offender, as he confessed himself.

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein. Source:

He was found dead in his jail cell in August. A few days later, the official reason for his demise was categorized as suicide. Several conspiracy theories surfaced regarding the authenticity of the alleged suicide, including from his lawyers, and most recently, from John McAfee. The former posted a video on Twitter with his concerns and remarks.

“The U.S. government says that Jeffrey Epstein killed himself. But where is the evidence? Well, …the normal evidence would have been things like a … the video camera footage. But, oddly enough, someone had misaligned the video cameras in that block so that nothing showed anything […] We could have asked Jeffrey’s cellmate, which he had the entire time up to his suicide…but someone had removed Jeffrey’s cellmate from his cell a few hours prior.”

McAfee continued to outline his skepticism over Epstein’s alleged cause of death. He questioned the guards’ early dismissal because of “cleaning in the cell block” in the middle of the night. He also brought up the position of the stool Jeffrey used to hang himself and the medical report. According to McAfee, the medical examiner never saw the jail cell before concluding that Jeffrey’s broken neck was due to the suicide he committed.

It’s also worth noting that McAfee has plans to release a coin called “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”.

Somewhat Expected From John McAfee

John McAfee is a well-known cryptocurrency commentator and one of the most prominent entrepreneurs, having created the popular McAfee antivirus software. In a recent exclusive interview with CryptoPotato, he said that he doesn’t buy Bitcoin but he also explained that “as a store of value and cryptocurrency, it’s [Bitcoin] the standard.”

Additionally, he has recently launched a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange called McAfeeDex. This falls well within his line of behavior as McAfee has taken a definitive stance against centralization.

“As long as an entity controls the currency that you use […] you are not free […] Centralized exchanges are our week point. Decentralized exchanges are our escape.” – He said.

McAfee has a history of mistrust in the government and how it operates. For example, he admitted that he has been evading tax payments since 2010 because “taxation is illegal.” With his most recent skeptical comments regarding Epstein’s alleged suicide, McAfee continues with questioning the government’s authenticity.

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