Norwegian Millionaire Arrested On Suspicions Of Murdering His Wife In A Cryptocurrency Ransom Case

A woman who thought to have been abducted in 2018 and held for cryptocurrency ransom is believed to be murdered. Last Tuesday her millionaire husband was arrested in suspicion of killing her, Reuters reported.
Businessman Tom Hagen’s wife Anne-Elizabeth Hagen, then 68, disappeared from her home in October 2018. The news hit the publicity and the Nordic nation later in January 2019.

According to a new report by Reuters, the police in Norway arrested Tom Hagen on Tuesday.

“After now 18 months of investigation, police have come to a point where it has reason to suspect Tom Hagen of murder or conspiracy for murder,” says Police Lawyer Aase Kjustad Eriksson during a news conference.

The Hagen family had said to receive a demand for a ransom of $10 million in Monero (XMR) – a popular cryptocurrency oriented toward anonymity.

Guesses Are Kidnapping Was a Hoax

After the long investigation, police suspicions are leaning to the fact that there was no kidnapping at all and no real negotiation activity. Police inspectors said there were also indications of attempts to hinder investigators during the whole process.

Neither Tom Hagen nor the family’s lawyer was to be reached for additional comment on the case by the media.
Regulations in Norway allow a person to be arrested if being held under suspicion of a crime. It is a legal status that enables police to take him in, though the formal charges might come later in the legal process.

The Backstory

According to the Reuters’ report, back in 2018-2019, police in Norway did not announce the missing of Anne-Elizabeth in fear of her safety. Authorities kept the situation out of public attention for precautionary measures but eventually came out with hopes that it might bring new leads on the case.

After news of the crime became public, the presumptive kidnappers contacted the family again via a digital platform, Hagen and his lawyer Holden said at that time, claiming that they did not receive proof of life, nor that the kidnappers actually had Anne-Elizabeth at that moment.

Hagen’s lawyer denied any access to the communication with kidnappers, emphasizing that the digital platform where it took place, gave the very little possibility for dialogue, according to the report.

Tom Hagen is estimated to have around $200 million net, according to Norwegian business magazine Kapital.

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