Only 5.3% of UK Citizens Own Bitcoin

2,500 UK citizens took part in a recent survey regarding Bitcoin investment, and the results are rather interesting. 5.3% of respondents said that they own some Bitcoin, but approximately 20.3% said they’ve never heard of it.

5.3% of UK Citizens Own Bitcoin: Survey

The matter of Bitcoin ownership has always been an interesting one. A recent survey found that around 5.3% of UK citizens own bitcoin.

More specifically, 2% of participants plan to buy more, and 3.3% don’t have any intentions of the kind. Needless to say, the low ownership rate suggests that there’s plenty of room for further adoption.

20% of Brits Have Never Heard of Bitcoin

According to the report, 20.3% of UK citizens have never heard of Bitcoin, and interestingly enough, the percentage rises to 25.5 when only males between the ages of 25 and 34 are considered. This might leave room open for additional education on the topic.

The survey also shows that 6.8% of UK citizens don’t have any Bitcoin currently, but are planning to invest in it. Among males between 35 and 44 years old, the number was 11.6%.

In light of the upcoming Brexit, Bitcoin probably appears relatively risky to some British investors, especially considering the volatile price action of late. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many respondents don’t currently own any bitcoins. According to the survey, 67.5% of Brits don’t own any Bitcoin, nor do they intend to buy any.

As CryptoPotato reported several weeks ago, a similar poll was taken of 5,000 Americans, and it had interesting results as well. 64% of all participants stated that they didn’t have any bitcoins and were not planning to buy any, while 6.2% claimed that they already had some.

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