Popular YouTuber Davinci Reports He’d Been Blocked From Streaming

The YouTube cryptocurrency purge was a hot topic in the last days of 2019, but it seems that it may not be over. Another prominent cryptocurrency YouTuber has bemoaned that he received a strike on a recent live stream video and is unable to upload new content.

YouTube Purge Not Really Over?

During Christmas time last year, YouTube became the most talked-about topic within the crypto community. The Google-owned content sharing platform began giving strikes, removing videos, and even deleting accounts that had any relations with cryptocurrencies.

The number of affected influencers quickly increased, but the problem was supposedly solved in a few more days. Moreover, YouTube claimed that it was all one big misunderstanding, which happened by mistake, and the videos were supposedly restored.

However, it seems that not everything is back to normal. DAVINCIJ15, another popular cryptocurrency YouTuber, said that he had received a new strike on his last live stream. Even though he considers it an error on the platform’s behalf, he admits that he can’t upload or stream any videos.

Crypto Community Support

The community showed notable support during the initial stages of the Purge. The same appears to be happening now, as many people are sharing the post and commenting on the matter. One of the most vocal defenders is The Moon Carl and Cryptopotato had the chance to ask him if he is afraid that the YouTube purge will return:

“Yes, of course! The fact that it happened once shows that it’s completely possible again in the future. However, I don’t think it’s likely that my channel receives any strikes again in this specific purge, because I was reinstated after manual review. But, I think it’s important just to realize how much power YouTube has over YouTubers.”

Besides him, it seems that a lot of people consider the Google-owned platform as too powerful for the good of its content creators. They are repeatedly bringing up decentralized media sharing platforms as an alternative. They lack the central point of authority, which would eliminate the option to ban or delete videos on particular topics, such as cryptocurrency.

Others believe that some form of regulation might be needed, as a lot of scam content exist in the online space.

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