Roger Ver Interviewing Alleged BitClub Ponzi Scheme’s Joby Weeks

Roger Ver, one of the earliest cryptocurrency advocates and proponent of Bitcoin Cash, has interviewed now-arrested Joby Weeks. The latter has been involved in an alleged cryptocurrency mining scam called BitClub and is now charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Roger Ver Interviewing Jobadiah Weeks in June

Roger Ver, one Bitcoin Cash’s most exclusive proponents, has done an interview with Jobadiah Weeks back in June 2018. It took place on a yacht and both of them discuss different topics, ranging from details about BitClub’s operations and the adoption of Bitcoin Cash and its benefits compared to Bitcoin Core.

In the interview, Ver asks Weeks why is it that the majority of BitClub’s hashrate goes towards Bitcoin Core, rather than BCH. Moreover, he also asked when does Weeks expect this to change.

Weeks didn’t really provide a specific answer, but instead went on to discuss operational hurdles in regards to the exploitation of BitClub’s equipment. According to him, back then, they had $50 million worth of equipment which hadn’t been plugged in. He also shared that they are expecting to create the world’s largest mining operation, harnessing over 300 megawatts of power.

For the bigger part of the interview, Ver was asking questions to Weeks, the answers of which revolved around making people switch from using Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash.

A Serious Turn Of Events

While the relationship between both seemed fairly friendly, the events of late are undoubtedly worth noting.

Jobadiah Weeks, as well as Matthew Brent Goettsche, and Joseph Frank Abel, were arrested on December 10th. Weeks and Goettsche are both charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, while all three men are also facing charges of conspiracy to sell unregistered securities.

The lawyers who will be representing the three named defendants haven’t been located yet but they are expected to appear in court. The case is called US v. Goettsche, 19-cr-008877 and it’s held in New Jersey’s District Court.

The “high-tech Ponzi scheme”, as the reports refer to it, has solicited money from investors in exchange for shares in their purported cryptocurrency mining pools. Moreover, prosecutors alleged that they would also be rewarded for recruiting other investors.

According to a statement, Goettsche has referred to people who put their money into the project as “dumb” and “sheep” and that he was “building this whole model on the backs of idiots.” It’s interesting to see how the case will turn out.

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