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Guarda was officially registered in the European Union back in 2017 and has been focusing on building an ecosystem of blockchain-related products ever since.

The company has an FIU license under the registration number FVR000109 for virtual currency against fiat currency exchange, and it’s compliant with the regulations of each jurisdiction where it operates.

It has an extensive list of products, and it’s among the well-known companies in the field. Its portfolio includes:

  • Guarda Multi-Currency Web Wallet
  • Guarda Multi-Currency Desktop Wallet App
  • Guarda Multi-Currency Mobile Wallet
  • Light Wallet Applications
  • Browser Extension
  • Token Generator
  • Built-in Web-Based Exchange (partners service)
  • Built-in Web-Based Crypto Purchase (partners service)

Guarda Wallet

The Guarda Wallet is a multi-platform and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that supports over 45 networks, including Bitcoin, as well as more than 10,000 tokens on various chains. These include, but are not limited to, ERC-20 tokens, ERC-721, BEP-2, TRC10, TRC20, Omni, EOS, Waves, and so forth.


The first thing to consider is the fact that Guarda Wallet is non-custodial. This means that the customer owns his private keys. Only the user has access to his funds. You will receive a file with your private keys, encrypted with a password. You should save that file and the password in a safe place. You will be able to access your funds and transaction data using those two later.

There’s a popular saying in the cryptocurrency field that goes, “Your keys, Your bitcoins.” It suggests that you are in full ownership of your BTC, unlike when you store them on an exchange. This is always preferable as you eliminate the risk of the exchange being compromised and your crypto – gone.

According to the CEO of Guarda Wallet, the company focuses on creating a secure wallet for everyone, maintaining the “freedom of privacy and top level of security” mission. You can find more information about their intentions here.

Flexibility Across Platforms

Another thing worth noting is that Guarda Wallet is also available on Web, Desktop (macOS, Windows, Linux), it has its own Chrome Extension and a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Apart from the above, Guarda is also fully-compatible with Ledger. Users can import their accounts and manage hardware-stored funds very easily using Guarda’s interface.

The wallet has also implemented support for multi-signature functionality for Bitcoin and is reportedly the first multi-currency wallet to onboard this particular feature.

In retrospect, Guarda Wallet features:

  • Transaction history and special coin features
  • Wallet backup
  • Importing and exporting private keys
  • Fiat purchases
  • Built-in exchange
  • Secure encryption algorithm
  • Staking (Tezos, Komodo, Callisto, Cosmos, and more.)

Talking about Guarda Wallet platforms, we should also mention the beta release of the new mobile version. It comes with plenty of new features, some of which include:

  • Now users can see the cryptocurrency price and price changes via nice and clear graphics
  • Now users can filter their crypto Wallets easily – they now can hide any wallet, for example, wallets with zero balance.
  • Users can filter their transactions using the transaction type, wallet, or currency as a filter.
  • Users can now find a transaction in the transaction history using the transaction hash.
  • New fiat currency added for buying: RUB, AUD, KRW, AUD, TRY, HKD, and many others.
  • New fiat currencies added for the estimation of cryptocurrency, including USD, EUR, AUD, AED, CAD, CHF, and so forth.
  • Now users can chat with support online
  • A possibility of turning off the Masked balance tool added
  • XTZ staking added
  • NEO gas claim supported

It’s particularly important for users to download the backup file before updating the app, so they have access to the funds. The beta version of the app provides the same reliable protection for your private keys and operations as the main one. However, it’s always recommended that you have a saved backup file. Only it gives access to your funds.

So, before updating, save the backup.

Additionally, there’s a bug bounty which gives an opportunity to earn rewards for those who are interested in testing the Guarda Wallet and the new mobile app. More information can be found here.

Guarda’s Web-Based Exchange By Changenow

This is another interesting functionality that Guarda users can take advantage of. The web-based exchange doesn’t require registration, and it offers a limitless cryptocurrency swap service.

The exchange has an easy-to-use interface, and it makes it very convenient to convert your funds and store them safely in Guarda’s mobile or web wallets afterward. At press time, the service supports more than 45 different altcoins.


In addition, the platform supports web-based cryptocurrency purchases. Users can use a banking card and take advantage of the easy-to-use purchasing interface for instant orders. The platform supports a range of different fiat currencies and more than 45 blockchains and their tokens.

Browser Extension

The wallet’s browser extension allows for a quick access to decentralized applications (DApps) that work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchain networks directly from your Chrome browser.

This extension interacts directly with Guarda’s official website javascript context. It works as a connecting bridge between DApps and the Guarda Wallet.

All in all, Guarda has attempted to create an entire ecosystem around safekeeping and storage of cryptocurrencies, and it appears that, so far, it succeeds. Their services are recognized by some of the leading authorities in the field, including Binance, TRON, Zcash Foundation, Waves Platform, Komodo, Stasis, and so forth.

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