Simple Cryptocurrency Exchange and Automated Trading


Cryptocurrency trading has gone a long way in the past few years. As Bitcoin and other major altcoins gained serious traction following their parabolic bull run at the end of 2017, more and more cryptocurrency exchanges started to pop up.

This made the life of traders easier. Different solutions are coming up, and all of them provide various solutions, catering to the needs of both novice and advanced users.

3C Exchange brings forward an exciting trading interface that also allows the usage of trading bots, making the entire process even more seamless. Besides, the team has done a great job of allowing traders to take advantage of the 3 Commas trading bot and the liquidity of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange – Binance.

3Commas and Binance: A Great Match

Binance is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and also one of the most liquid ones. The trading volume for the majority of the pairs is massive, allowing users to execute their trades without worrying about the liquidity.

3 Commas, on the other hand, presents an attractive solution suitable for both novice and advanced traders in the face of their trading bots. This is a software that automates cryptocurrency trading in a way that optimizes profits. The bots can be configured on your own, or they can be copied from other traders based on previous performance.

Introducing 3C Exchange

3C Exchange is a simple platform that feels as if it’s oriented towards traders with less experience in the field. It provides a wide range of solutions, as well as features that make the entire experience a lot more user-friendly and easier.

It features a “smart terminal,” which represents a simplified user interface that allows users to set stop-loss and take-profit orders quickly to optimize profits for each trade. It also makes trading quicker and simpler thanks to the trailing functions for both buying and selling.

On top of that, there’s also the option to create trading bots. These are controlled by your indicators and are fully automated. What is more, users can also copy the bots of other traders based on their profitability.

Simplified User Interface

One of the first things that’s noticed when you begin trading on 3C Exchange is the interface. It doesn’t look a lot like traditional trading interfaces, and it has a unique way of setting up the orders.

Now, it’s worth noting that users can take advantage of traditional order settings, but the interesting thing here is that they can also use the Smart Trade system.

Smart Trade 3C

As seen on the screenshot above, users can begin by placing a limit, market, or conditional order, after choosing the trading pair that they want to engage with. There’s also an option to place a trailing buy.

What’s different here is that users can place their take-profit and stop-loss orders simultaneously before even entering the trade. This allows for further optimization, as well as maximizing profitability. Alternatively, they can do the same with the “smart sell” option or the “smart cover” option. The latter is used when a trader wants to sell and rebuy his coins at pre-determined conditions.

Trading Bots

This is where things get a bit more exciting, especially for those who are into automated solutions.

There are a few options that users are allowed to take advantage of. First things first, they can set up their very own trading bot based on conditions which are defined as Conservative (safe and slow), Moderate (fairly aggressive), and Aggressive (faster deals for quick scalps and smaller profits).

Trading Bot

Alternatively, users can also set up their bot using their conditions. By clicking on the “advanced” button that’s found on top, they will be able to their very own strategy and customize it based on different criteria such as deal starting conditions, target profits, stop losses, safety orders, price deviations, and so forth.

One of the more exciting things here is that traders can integrate their very own TradingView indicators. This makes it possible for users to create their bots based on indicators that they are using with the platform and to make the bots even more personalized to each user’s trading preferences.

Last but not least, users are also able to copy the trading bots of others while seeing their profitability and trades in advance.


All in all, 3C Exchange looks like an interesting trading venue with options that are slightly different than what the typical cryptocurrency exchange would provide. It’s important to note, though, that traditional order settings are also available for those who feel a bit more conservative.

For more details, you can visit the official website of 3C Exchange.

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