Three Ways to Brush up on Your Cryptocurrency Trading Skills During the Lockdown

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In the last month, much of the world has gone into lockdown in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. For some, this has resulted in a radical change in working life, making remote work, video conferencing, and working in pajamas the norm.

However, practically everybody under lockdown now finds themselves with more time on their hands—making it the perfect opportunity to brush up on those trading skills finally. Here are three platforms to help you do just that!

NewsCrypto is Where Beginners Become Pros

Although NewsCrypto is a relatively new platform, the vast array of tools and features it offers has already made it a staple in the toolbox of many professional cryptocurrency traders.

The platform offers a fully-fledged crypto school feature, where users can access a wide variety of educational resources on cryptocurrency trading, covering the very basics up to more advanced trading strategy and general economics topics. These are designed to help both beginners and expert traders build up their trading skills through several bite-size lessons.

For users with more advanced needs, offers multiple upgrade options, unlocking additional features like sentiment indicators, whale alerts, and arbitrage info – providing powerful insights that can be used to track the market and identify the right time to enter.

These, in combination with its useful airdrop and staking reward trackers, paint NewsCrypto as a platform packed with actionable insights for investors.


One of its most useful features is the coin calendar, which contains details of prominent upcoming events in the cryptocurrency industry, such as exchange listings, forks, token swaps, and more. Since changes in sentiment regularly move the cryptocurrency market, knowledge of these events can be seen as a treasure trove for savvy traders looking to capitalize on how positive and negative events might affect market sentiment.

NewsCrypto also hosts weekly community prediction competitions, which gives users the chance to win prizes by simply predicting the market.

Take Advantage of Stocktwits

Stocktwits is a social media platform designed for anybody with an interest in investing, trading, or analyzing markets. The platform is popular among entrepreneurs and traders since it allows users to share information in real-time about a huge number of different markets.

Although Stocktwits is primarily used for sharing ideas around traditional markets, including stocks, bonds, and equities, it is also rapidly gaining popularity as a source for insights surrounding cryptocurrency markets. As it stands, Stocktwits users can ‘watch’ a huge range of cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum, to even micro-cap coins like Polymath and Elrond. By watching an asset, users will be able to view a live feed of news, market commentary, and analyses from popular traders and experts.


This can be an excellent tool for those looking to get an early scoop on the market or to simply check what other prominent investors and analysts have to say about the current price action or trends. By taking on board the opinions and experiences of others, you can take your trading game to the next level.

Stocktwits also allows users to create and join rooms, which are mostly personalized communities where people with a common interest or area of expertise can chat and discuss the market. Market professionals and industry veterans often run their premium rooms, where users can subscribe to exclusive content and interact with well-known names in the industry—albeit for a monthly cost.

TradingView is Great for Hands-on Experience

If you have ever used a popular cryptocurrency trading platform like Binance, Bittrex or StormGain, then you likely already have some experience with TradingView, since most modern exchange platforms use TradingView’s charting software.

As you might have already guessed, the main feature of TradingView is its charting tool, which allows users to perform technical analysis and visualize thousands of markets using an easy to grasp, but powerful array of indicators, trendlines, templates and more. Since charting is one of the main methods traders use to forecast the markets, TradingView is an excellent resource for those looking to improve their understanding of market structure and trends.


Although its trading interface is easily its most prominent feature, TradingView also has social features that allow users to share their insights, opinions, and market analyses with their audience. This provides both an excellent learning resource for newer traders, and a good way for experienced traders to grow their following by demonstrating technical proficiency.

The site is also regularly used for its alerts feature, since users can set automatic alerts that will notify them when a selected market meets set criteria, such as if the price of Bitcoin changes by 5% within 10 minutes, or if a certain cryptocurrency market forms a golden cross. As you might expect, this can be a powerful tool for identifying potentially profitable trading opportunities and can drastically cut down the time spent manually watching markets.

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