Traders’ Network Based On Real Stats

As a knowledgeable, professional trader, you can share your experience with the community, or if you are more of a beginner, you can find a teacher, mentor, or easily delegate money for management.

The Tradelize traders’ network is designed to interact and scale professional traders, investors, and less experienced market participants. Tradelize was created by traders and investors with more than 50 years of combined trading experience. Traders with years of experience have navigated a thorny path that beginner traders and investors have yet to follow.  For that reason, Tradelize has adapted to the market’s needs.

The Tradelize ecosystem includes three products:

  • Tradelize Traders’ Network
  • Tradelize Terminal
  • Tradelize Mobile App

Tradelize Traders’ Network

The Tradelize traders’ network is a social network based on verified exchange statistics.  Think about it like a LinkedIn for traders. In order to join the community of professionals, you need to create your professional profile.

Social networks now play a significant role in the interaction of any person with the community where they seek to be useful. Financial markets are no exception.

Each trader adds his API keys from the exchanges he trades at. Based on real trades, Tradelize builds statistics, according to which other users of the traders’ network determine the trader’s success.


After a trader has created his professional profile, he is assigned a rating, through which all users of the Tradelize traders’ network compete.


This competitive environment is essential for improvement. For an individual trader, this is doubly important. In Tradelize Score, you can select the best traders to subscribe to, and track their trades and positions.

If you like, you can hide your profile from other users or set a status of which shows statistics and trades. In this way, a less sophisticated user can choose a professional to whom to allocate capital for management. In contrast, beginners will choose a mentor and learn from his experience by studying his success.

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By creating his profile on the Tradelize traders’ network and making his success public, a professional trader can interact with the community and show his expertise. Traders analyze vast amounts of data every day, come to conclusions, and make trades based on observed market trends. This hard work needs to be monetized. In your profile, you can create a paid channel and stream trades live for your subscribers.

Another way of interaction is Mirroring. By creating an offer to copy your trades, you can also be of benefit your subscribers without wasting any extra time. The statistics on copying trades are also displayed separately in your profile.



Tradelize Traders Network Fees

Tradelize adds 10% to paid services offered by network users to their subscribers. A potential subscriber to a paid channel or trade copying will be offered a price of 10% higher than the set price.

Customer Support

Tradelize support is available 24 hours a day.


For security reasons, Tradelize processes withdrawals following a manual review once a day. Submit your withdrawal by noon UTC to be included in the day’s request batch. Additionally, each withdrawal on Tradelize is audited by hand by at least two Tradelize employees before it is sent.

Tradelize Crypto Terminal

Tradelize Terminal is a crypto trading terminal of institutional quality with direct access to major crypto exchanges. Tradelize supports all cryptocurrency trading pairs listed on the following exchanges: Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, HitBtc, Huobi, Kraken and OKEx.

A unified interface, the ability to create sub-accounts, a single portfolio for all exchanges, and a watchlist as a market screener are the main advantages of the Tradelize crypto trading terminal. The terminal is convenient for individual traders and private trading companies. It contains all the necessary tools for active trading and investing.


To start trading, you need to add exchanges’ API keys. After that, the trader will be able to make transactions both on the spot market, derivates, and futures. All positions from different exchanges are displayed in one window Tradelize Portfolio.

You can use the Arbitrage Finder to find the best prices on the market. This window displays all the necessary currencies on the selected exchanges. Level II, which has been modified into a tree of orders and a Watch List, functions as a full-fledged screener, will also assist in this.


Using the Sub-account manager, it is easy to manage your prop company, create sub-accounts, and distribute capital between them within the Tradelize system. You can track and manage your subaccounts’ orders in the Order Monitor window. Set up personal risk management and activity statuses for each sub-account: Active, Inactive, Only Sell or Cancel, and No Trades.


Tradelize Mobile App

With the Tradelize mobile app, you can access the ecosystem from anywhere in the world. Perform trades and track all orders, follow traders, and publish premium content to your paid channel in real-time.

All this you can do away from your workplace. The Tradelize traders’ network will always keep you connected to the market.


Tradelize Security

Tradelize has separated all sensitive data so that each node of the system uses only the information that is needed and cannot be linked or personalized.

This, in addition to typical security measures, such as refraining from keeping passwords and other sensitive information out in the open,

Besides, all personal or confidential data is not stored on media in servers that are directly involved in processing trade transactions, web portal servers, etc. Only necessary data is downloaded from closed secure storage. In the same sensitive data storage, all information is encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly when accessed.

Tradelize: The Pros

– Traders` network, suitable for both beginners and professionals.
– Wider variety or functions, broader than what exchanges offer.
– Technical and social opportunity to grow from a home trader to a mini hedge fund manager.

Tradelize: The Cons

– Currently not supporting a wide variety of crypto exchanges.
– The professional functionality is paid.
– Ability to trade, only with binding to the connected exchange via API keys, from security reasons.


Tradelize traders’ network is a unique tool that allows traders to improve and scale their trading habits and business, as well as beginners to learn, socialize, and earn on a par with professional traders. The company has developed a wide range of tools and environments for interaction and efficiency improvement.


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