Tron Partners With Metal Pay To Bring TRX To US Citizens

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies, TRON (TRX) will be available to more users as the company partnered with a digital money transfer business Metal Pay. Moreover, TRON users will also be able to receive a cashback of up to 5% on eligible transactions for sending and receiving USD using the Metal Pay App.

Tron Partners With Metal Pay

According to a press release shared with CryptoPotato, TRX, one of the largest and popular cryptocurrencies, will be available to more users. This becomes possible thanks to a partnership with Metal Pay – a digital money transfer business.

The cryptocurrency will be entirely integrated into Metal Pay’s mobile application, hence enabling TRX to be purchased using fiat currency by debit card or through a linked bank checking account.

In addition to that, TRON users will also be able to receive up to 5% cashback in MTL tokens on eligible transactions for sending and for receiving USD using the Metal Pay app.

The partnership between both companies also means that US citizens will be able to purchase the cryptocurrency instantly when paying with their VISA cards.

The new partnership also allows for crypto-to-crypto conversions between the 20+ cryptocurrencies that it supports.

Convenience On The Spotlight

Speaking on the matter was Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, who said:

“Whether it be for users or developers, we care about convenience before everything. […] We will always serve our community by providing users with secure, fast, and simple access to TRX. With Metal Pay, we have created the fastest TRX transaction infrastructure while maintaining world-class security.”

According to the press release, the integration with Metal Pay will further extend the cryptocurrency exposure that TRON’s users have, while also demonstrating the overall versatility of cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Metal Pay’s CEO and Founder, Marshall Hayner, believes that this partnership will also accelerate the overall growth of TRON’s ecosystem.

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