UAS: The Only Government Promoting Freedom and Prosperity in Developing Countries

Growth in developing countries is stagnating mainly because of the many hurdles faced by the states. Illiteracy, inadequate healthcare, insecurity, corruption, and hunger are significant defining attributes of developing countries that hinder development.

A new country, The United Allied States, governed by President Stephen Mccullah, works at fostering development globally. The hub of all UAS government systems is Apollo blockchain, a world-acclaimed blockchain with unique functionalities, including immutability and transparency. The blockchain reduces the chances of fraud to null. Additionally, UAS and its blockchain hub ultimately secure the citizen’s online communications and transactions. The United Allied States work to provide complete freedom and prosperity globally.


In their fight against freedom of speech, national and international laws censor the internet. Some countries bar social media posts and comments that have political and economic value. However, UAS makes freedom of speech topmost on its mission to achieve true freedom.

Since it fights for globalization, UAS will ultimately end racial discrimination. This government has seen the mistakes of existing governments; thus, it vouches for citizens’ better governance.

The dynamic world has people with different lifestyles; UAS fosters complete freedom of living the way they want. The United Allied States set an original path of liberty, the freest country on the globe.

Free Market Economy

Some nations globally use command economies that are full of regulations. Others choose to merge command and free markets, making a mixed economy. For instance, in the US, companies can negotiate wages with employees, but there are wage minimums set by the government. Although some regulations aim to protect citizens, other laws hinder innovation. On the contrary, free-market economies are unsanctioned decentralized markets. In open run economies, entrepreneurs and individuals have complete control over their resources and conduct business at their own time.

Developing countries are in dire need of a free-market policy to drive prosperity. UAS implants the economic freedom policies to achieve the growth of developing countries. Among the pros of the free-market economy are consumer sovereignty, zero bureaucracy, and optimal resource distribution. Additionally, free-market economies create room for innovations hence creating job opportunities, business ideas, etc. Freedom of living and economic activities majorly drives the prosperity of economies.

Prosperity in Developing Countries

Currently, the development difference between developed and developing countries is immense. The development difference is courtesy of the nationalism world, where each country focuses on its boundaries and citizens. The united allied states revolutionize global growth to bring equality globally. The UAS will drive prosperity in all sectors building an economy.


  • Education Department


Recent illiteracy statistics are worrying. For instance,  17 countries in Africa have literacy levels below 50%. Developing countries globally have similar high illiteracy issues.

The United Allied States’ logistics for education in Africa deserves applause. The government commits to being a global education tower by guiding children to full potential. 

Moreover, the platform will give more training in technical fields to enhance innovations from kids. The platform provides full access to good education, research organization, supporting schools, and teacher-student programs.


  • Agriculture Department


Agriculture is the primary driver of the global economy. In 2014, for instance, agriculture accounted for a third of the worldwide GDP. Moreover, in developing countries, agriculture is a significant source of livelihood for low-income earners. 

UAS will redefine the agricultural space by introducing better, more productive technologies in the farming sector. The department institutes laws proposed to protect natural resources, food supply, and agriculture. President Steve Mccullah, the congress, and the agriculture secretary all vouch for effective agricultural practices. 


  • Defense Department


Insecurity is a major global challenge, especially with the upsurge in terrorism. In 2018, for example, terrorism fatalities statistics hit 32,836. The influx of terror activities threatens every country’s security. 

UAS’s defense department coordinates and supervises all government security functions, offering full protection to its citizens and all global allies. It drives research on best defense technologies, regional stability, and other security initiatives.


  • Commerce Department


Commerce is another critical factor in global growth. The department of commerce accelerates international economic development by negotiating business agreements. That’s a significant boost for developing countries’ economies. It is fostering growth by providing innovative business ideas for entrepreneurs. Moreover, the free market economy implanted by UAS means even faster global growth.

  1. Energy Department

The UAS has an energy department ensuring a sufficient supply of fuel, nuclear, solar, and wind energies. Its policies protect the environment for future generations and simultaneously fulfill the energy demand.


  • Justice Department


The justice department enforces the laws of the UAS, fastening the justice process by fast-tracking of crimes. Moreover, every UAS citizen is allowed legal representation in case of judicial proceedings. The United Allied States regulations will ultimately protect the freedom and sanctity of life.

Final Word

The United Allied States will spur development globally. The new government fights against nationalism while fostering globalism. Developing countries benefit the most from the new government, enhancing freedom both of life and free markets. UAS free-market economies with null government sanctions bolster innovation, growth, global trade, thus spurring full-blown development in all economic sectors.

UAS will give its citizens tremendous job opportunities, to allow individual growth as well as societal flourishing. Additionally, The government towers in all sectors, including education, justice, defense, agriculture, commerce, transport, and energy. As part of its all-round development criteria, UAS introduces a new deflationary currency, which will induce investments because of its reliability. UAS will, th