Venezuelan President Maduro Airdrops Petro To Doctors Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Healthcare workers are no doubt the true heroes in the ongoing fight against the novel Coronaivus pandemic that is wreaking havoc in over 200 countries across the globe. 

As a show of appreciation, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced that the government would give free Petros to the doctors in the country to incentivize their selfless sacrifice and good work during this trying time.

Doctors Get 1 Free Petro

According to the announcement shared on Twitter, the President’s airdrop campaign will see that each doctor gets one free Petro as a special medical bonus as they continue fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Venezuela has been facing severe economic and social crises. The Petro is an oil-backed cryptocurrency that was launched in February 2018. Although six months after it was created, the token appeared as if it was not being used as a currency in the country.

However, since late 2019, the government started using the cryptocurrency as bonus packages for public workers and retirees. One Petro token was said to be worth $60 as of December last year, but it is currently being traded between $20 and $25 in local exchanges. 

Doctors At Risks, Special Bonuses Not Enough

The special bonus will be distributed to the doctors through a platform dubbed “Patria System.” The platform was designed by the current administration to hedge against the country’s epileptic banking system. It is used to issue Petro subsidies and bonuses. 

While the 1 Petro airdrop seems like a sizable bonus, considering that the minimum wage in the country is $3.61, the current working condition in Venezuelan hospitals is reportedly very unsafe for the medical workers.  

Reports suggest doctors work without essential and protective gear like face masks, gowns and gloves, and thus risking their lives as they try to save patients from the highly contagious Coronavirus. Even soap and disinfected for hand cleaning are considered luxury right now in the country, and hospitals are struggling to get them.

Meanwhile, some of those who received the 0.5 Petro token holiday bonus in December claimed that they could not put the cryptocurrency to use. 

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