Wave Goodbye to Anonymous User Threats With Stratus

Leading blockchain company, Apollo FinTech, plans to unveil Stratus, which poses as a vast social ecosystem network. The fintech company unleashed Stratus into the world on November 27. In its statements, Stratus is projected to be the “world’s most unbiased social ecosystem,” improving user comfort and convenience. 

Moreover, Stratus dev team plans to do away with heavy dependence on big players in social media by presenting a user-friendly platform that incorporates unprecedented functionalities that are not common in the current social platforms.

Stratus seeks to address issues brought on by anonymous users on social media networks at the core of the platform’s main aims. Usually, it is common to see unknown users on media handles, engaging in crafty behaviors that affect other legitimate users. 

In the end, we hear incidents of users getting duped within the course of interactions; it gets worse when users lose their valuables through anonymous user threats. Stratus hopes to tackle the situation by enabling profile verifications and integrating a Know Your Client protocol.

Blocking Out Stalkers, Trolls, and Cyber-bullies

Stratus values the true meaning of social interactions; therefore, every user’s identity will be visible. The platform deploys a 60 second KYC procedure that confirms every individual is joining the world-class network. Truthfully identifying users ultimately elevates the transparency levels of Stratus, encouraging mainstream users to join the ecosystem. 

Hence, malicious users, including trolls, bullies, or even catfish accounts, do not stand a chance of manipulating innocent users. Unlike other competing platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which grants the blue verification mark to limited users, Stratus will enable the feature to anyone regardless of who you are. 

Users can apply for identity verification to safeguard the participants from cyber-criminals and malicious parties without any limitations.

One Account for a Variety of Functionalities

Stratus incorporates a variety of functionalities available on the internet today under one umbrella. For starters, the platform guarantees users data safety and avoids any leakages that may compromise an individual’s security. It assures each data is heavily encrypted with military-grade protocols. 

Moreover, the single wallet you create on Stratus gives you access to unparalleled services, including Amazon, PayPal, and many more. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok are also onboard the Stratus ecosystem to facilitate an interactive ecosystem. For anyone looking for an environment to freely express ideas, Stratus is the most appropriate platform that rules out censorship procedures. 

Other functionalities Stratus plans to add in the future include travel, insurance, and shopping services. The new revolutionizing platform contains some notable features like audio calls, video calls, retina, mentions, day/night modes, and friends nearby, all of which encompasses its attractive interface. 

Banking Services at Your Disposal

Studies suggest that close to 1.7 billion people from across the world are unbanked. Therefore, Stratus merged with another remarkable project known as Knox World Pay to facilitate faster BTC transactions within seconds. The most exciting part is that you don’t need a smartphone device to conduct your regular remittances as Knox accepts SMS transactions. 

On the other hand, merchants can join Knox and use it as a means of payment and a point of sale to advertise and receive payments with the same platform. 

Global agents are in place to provide financial services through Knox World Pay and allow users to purchase Bitcoin. All these capabilities coming from Knox will ultimately help attain actual mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Stratus at the same time.