We Could See Ethereum Futures Launching Soon

Ethereum Futures might be the next significant product coming to the cryptocurrency scene, said the CFTC Charmain, Heath Tarbert.

Furthermore, he expressed his hopes once again that the United States can lead the race for both digital assets and blockchain adoption. This aligns with Bakkt plans, as CryptoPotato reported this week.

Ethereum Futures Coming Soon?

Bitcoin has dominated the cryptocurrency Futures market, but Ethereum might soon have its own similar product, according to Tarbert. The Chairman of the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) appeared in a recent interview where he offered his views on numerous topics, including the cryptocurrency market.

He talked about the two largest digital assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum, saying that both “fall under our jurisdiction.” He continued by outlining his agency’s actions towards the cryptocurrency space and specifically the Futures market:

“We are doing a lot in the digital asset space. We are seeing exchanges started to list; certainly, we have seen Bitcoin Futures, both cash-settled as well as physically-delivered. My guess is we are going to see Ether Futures as well. And as things start to migrate into the commodity space, we will see even more.”

Interestingly enough, Ethereum Futures were recently hinted by the president of the Bitcoin Futures trading platform, Bakkt. As CryptoPotato reported, Adam White supported Tarbert’s views, saying that “the CFTC has only said they’d theoretically have approved futures on mainstream crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Tarbert Reaffirms: The U.S. Must Lead The Sector

Just a few months ago, the Chairman of CFTC urged that the U.S. should be doing more in terms of digital asset and blockchain innovations. Now, he reaffirmed that his nation should be the leader in this manner:

“Well, the CFTC, I’ve said, I really think not only in the digital assets themselves but in that underline blockchain technology, I want the United States of America to lead in this. I want to encourage innovation.”

Additionally, he recently pushed for more regulations on the cryptocurrency market. Since the CFTC has sanctioned only Bitcoin and Ethereum as commodities, this raises concerns regarding the thousands of unregulated digital assets.

He believes that once this changes, it will benefit the whole cryptocurrency market but explicitly the Futures one.

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