Why GSX Could Push Crypto Adoption to New Heights

Every year the crypto market experiences the introduction of a new platform that is so unique it’s destined to change the industry forever. This year was no different. There were multiple projects that went public in 2020 with the potential to make some serious waves. One such project worth your attention is GSX.

GSX is a new type of hybrid stable coin. The coin combines the best features from different blockchain asset classes to create an exclusive product in the market. Primarily, GSX is an investment coin. Investors in GSX receive yearly dividends based on the number of tokens they hold in their network wallets.

Secondly, GSX is a stablecoin. Investors can use this token to escape market volatility thanks to the fact the coin derives its value from gold. Gold pegged stable coins are a popular concept in the market and for good reason. Gold is far more stable than cryptocurrencies and fiat currency. Additionally, gold appreciates in value. The opposite is true for fiat currency.


GSX builds upon the concept of gold-pinned coins in some powerful ways. For one, token holders can rest assured that their tokens remain pegged to gold with no issues. The firm was built from the ground up with transparency in mind. Investors receive regular updates as to the firm’s holdings. 

In the past, transparency issues have been the Achilles heel of the stablecoin market. You have firms, such as Tether, that start off with claims of a 1:1 direct backing of their tokens. However, when their issuance gets to questionable levels, researchers often reveal that the token had decoupled from its underlying asset. GSX investors avoid these concern.

Notably, any GSX holder can turn their tokens in and receive physical gold at any time. There is never an early withdrawal penalty for utilizing this option. However, you may find that you lose out on some ROI when you trade your GSX for physical gold. Here’s why:


GSX represents more than ownership in some gold bars in the company’s vault. These tokens are shares of ownership in the entire mining operation including the equipment, gold, and even the property the mine resides on. This strategy provides you with some extra protection by lowering your risk exposure and raising your ROI potential. 

GSX token holders receive dividends that appreciate yearly because all of these assets appreciate over time. For example, the value of gold continues to rise to record heights. As the Apollo Financial gold mine produces more results, its value will also appreciate. This appreciation will also boost the overall value of the company.


In the end, you have a self boosting cycle of appreciation. The more gold Apollo mines, the more value the operation and land are worth. At the same time, the value of gold will rise sharply over the coming years. Together the combination provides you with more security. You also maximize your ROIs using this one-of-a-kind strategy.

In the event that the value of gold or real estate were to slump, the other assets would help to buffer the loss. For example, if a major gold deposit were to be discovered, GSX holders would still maintain their token value over pure gold because the value of the land would help to buffer any gold-related losses.


Other gold-pegged stablecoins don’t provide you with half of the features found in the GSX network. For example, GSX resides on the Apollo blockchain. Since Apollo is one of the first true fourth-generation blockchain projects to go live in the market, it affords GSX some remarkable characteristics. Fourth-generation blockchains bridge the sector in terms of interoperability and functionality.


GSX is extremely scalable. The token can handle thousands of transactions per second. In comparison, Ethereum, the market’s current Dapp champion can only handle around 12 tps. Bitcoin can only handle 6 tps. Only GSX is able to scale up to meet the demands of a day-to-day currency.

To that end, GSX makes an amazing replacement for Bitcoin. The token transfers faster, is more stable and has a higher level of security when compared to the worlds’ original cryptocurrency. You can send GSX anywhere on the planet for next to nothing. Additionally, GSX global transactions only take seconds to complete versus hours.

Quantum Security

Another amazing technology, Quantum computers are on the horizon. These mega machines are embarrassingly faster than any other computer in the market today. Their capabilities are so extreme that many believe they will topple many of the blockchains in the market. Sadly, the current computational power of a single quantum computer is more than most of the blockchains in the market currently.

GSX is the first quantum-resistant stable coin. This is a remarkable trait the project inherits from the Apollo blockchain. This added layer of protection provides extra incentive for those seeking long term investment opportunities.


As an Apollo-based stable coin, GSX gains a significant level of interoperability in the market. Apollo has a robust Dapp development community. There are already a variety of government and commercial use cases for this blockchain. GSX token holders can gain access to these platforms in the future because GSX is the premier stable coin for the network.

More Stability

There has already been a strong transfer of funds from Tether investors over to the GSX camp. The word is out that a more secure alternative is available. GSX is more advanced than Tether USD and Tether Gold.


Investors continue to express interest in GSX. This versatile project combines next-gen technologies to create the world’s most versatile coin yet. No other token pays dividends, provides you with quantum security, and can function as a stablecoin and cryptocurrency effectively. 

GSX is available at GSXCDE.com. The firm’s pre-sale event is currently on. You can receive discounts for your participation. VIP investors can receive 50% off their investment at this time.