YouTube Crypto Purge Continues? The Video Giant Deleted The Moon’s Daily Stream and Issued New Warnings

YouTube seems to be resuming the Crypto Purge with new warnings and content removals. Carl Eric Martin is the man behind The Moon, which is one of the most popular Bitcoin and crypto YouTube channels, with an enormous number of 110,000 subscribers.

The Moon’s daily video stream, this time about Bitcoin’s role in the recent coronavirus financial crisis, was not ‘liked’ by YouTube as the video giant decided to delete it.

YouTube claimed that it’s because of a “violation of our Community Guidelines.” Besides, the Google-owned platform warned him that in case this happens again, he will receive a strike and won’t be able to upload, post, or live stream for seven days period.

“This is the second time this happens to me. This YouTube crypto purge has been going on for a while now. YouTube says the video contains harmful content and regulated goods. Bitcoin is not harmful unless you are a bank.” Eric Martin told CryptoPotato.



YouTube Does It Again

What later became known as the YouTube Crypto Purge began in late December 2019. The giant video platform started targeting cryptocurrency content creators by issuing warnings and completely removing crypto-related videos. The first known victim of the purge was Chris Dunn, a crypto-investments channel established in 2014.

Later, YouTube claimed that the reason was an “error on our side during the review process,” and restored the content.

While some people believed that the platform has cleared out its reviewing process, the purge still pops up occasionally. It appears that YouTube doesn’t differentiate legitimate videos from scams and fraudulent uploads.

Just several weeks ago, YouTube flagged Ivan on Tech’s live stream as “harmful and dangerous,” The stream was cut in the middle, and the channel got punished by a 3-month suspension.


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