Trading Mastery Summit 2022: How to keep up with the crypto whales?

Within the second day of the 2022 Trading Mastery Summit, trading strategist Carlos Partida spoke about the influence of large capitals on the market. He made reference to his participation in the changes of course of values. Based on this, he showed his presentation with clues to keep up with the whales at opportune moments.

Emergence of accelerated sales or purchases

In the presentation related to the interaction of the “whales” within the crypto world, emphasis was placed on their behavior pattern. This, in order to understand those movements where large capitals enter or leave the market.

In the image, Calos Partida shows an example of how to keep up with the crypto whales, presenting the fall in prices in previous months.
In the image, Calos Partida shows an example of how to keep up with the crypto whales, presenting the fall in prices in previous months.

With this in mind, Carlos Partida expressed his vision on accelerated purchases from large investors, pointing to the possible discovery of the pattern. As for the techniques to keep up with the crypto whales, Partida highlighted those sessions where high volume purchases arise.

There will be a specific point on the charts where the volume of transactions makes a difference. This event gives a clue to the market of the arrival of one or more whales to the price of the asset in question.

He commented that these whales are looking for some opportunity to get ahead of the course of the market, trying to influence the journey. In this way, all the sales or accelerated purchases capacity that is available is used to generate “peaks”, which end up attracting the attention of users.

Maximum and minimum points

In addition to the massive inflows or outflows of money, Carlos talked about those regions of the charts where the play begins. To keep up with the whales, it would be necessary to take into account the points of high volatility in the quotes, waiting for some abrupt change in trend.

Among several examples provided, Partida presented the case of the cryptocurrency pullback in December. Although there was an accelerated bear run, he mentioned that it was a “general fall”, alluding to a situation not entirely influenced by whales.

However, he commented that there was some manipulation on the part of large investors, contributing to the expansion of the trend.

At the other extreme, he spoke about the scenarios where the arrival of an important capital attracted the attention of the rest of the buyers. This, until achieving that the value of the asset began a bullish route after the first impulse of accelerated purchases.

It is possible that the purchase or sale of a whale’s holdings ends up turning the tide of a security, considering the high volumes of exchanges.

Faced with the volatile environment, Carlos Partida clarified that the whales maintain limit positions a little separated from the highs and lows. Such planning comes at the moment when the rest of the investors follow the trend and also acquire positions waiting for a floor or a ceiling.

The markets could keep up with the whales when they withdraw positions just before reaching a crucial figure, taking the profits and pushing the chart back.

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